The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box - Green Dragon Boutique
The Mindful Movement Subscription Box

The Mindful Movement Subscription Box

Experience the ultimate self-care revolution with TheMindful Movement monthly subscription box. Packed with carefully curated products valued between $100 and $150, each box offers a transformative collection of mental health, personal growth, physical fitness, and bath and beauty items.
In the hustle and bustle of remote work, it's easy to overlook the importance of taking time for yourself. That's why our June Mindful Movement Self-Care Box is specially curated with products designed to help you recharge and refresh during your busy day. Whether you're taking a quick break or enjoying a leisurely lunch, these self-care essentials will invigorate your senses and bring a moment of peace to your work-from-home routine. Each product in this box is thoughtfully selected to support your well-being and help you create small, meaningful moments of self-care throughout your remote workday. Embrace these mindful practices and prioritize yourself, one break at a time.

  • All orders ship on the 1st of the month following your order date.
  • Order by May 31st to get the June box while supplies last.
  • Your subscription renewal will be charged on The same day the following month for the next box.
  • Free shipping on all upcoming subscription boxes.
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The Mindful Movement Subscription Box by Green Dragon Boutique is the ultimate self-care solution for elevating your wellness routine to new heights. Each month, receive a carefully curated selection of 4-8 self-care products, handpicked with love. From fitness gear and skincare treats to mental health tips and personal development products, this box has it all.

  • A delightful surprise: Unbox a world of self-care bliss with each monthly delivery.
  • Comprehensive assortment: Discover unique fitness products, luxurious bath and body goods, mental health commodities, and personal development tricks.
  • Exceptional value: Enjoy a monthly value ranging from $100 to $150 MSRP, receiving premium products worth every penny.
  • Hassle-free subscription: Simply sign up and let us take care of the rest, eliminating the stress of finding the perfect self-care products.
  • Elevate your well-being: Prioritize self-love, enhance your routine, and experience the joy of self-care like never before.

Subscribe to The Mindful Movement Box by Green Dragon Boutique today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Don't take our word for it

I truly loved everything that you handpicked inside of this box. I think it’s a wonderful concept! I did not expect anything that would promote physical self-care so that was a great surprise, (also a reminder that I need to exercise) 😩😅 I love the packaging and I think the quality overall is fantastic! Because the box is not huge I did not expect it to be jam packed with these products.

Ajanae N.

Collingswood, NJ

I just got the BEST subscription box there is. Never have I ever gotten a box that’s literally stuffed to the top with different items. Everything from the super cute, detailed packaging to the quality of every single item in the box. Imagine unboxing a whole vibe! I look forward to next month’s box and I’ll always come back to Green Dragon for more goodies.

Daija M.

Las Vegas, NV

The mindful movement box is just what my soul needed. As a woman working in a male dominated corporate world I am bordering on the line of burn out daily. It’s so important for me to be able to take care of myself and this box gives me everything I need to be successful. Whether it’s taking time for a few mins of skincare or drawing a daily affirmation card I love the versatility within each item. I’m so excited to see what else is to come and I recommend this box to everyone because you deserve it.

Jordan V.

Sneads Ferry, NC

You definitely need this in your life!! Holy cow! Was not expecting this! This box is so beautifully packaged and they sent amazing products well y’all imma go relax now and use the items in this box.

Shauna A.

Commerce, GA

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

We loved our subscription box! So many items included and they really give you that boost and motivation to take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Amazing products!

Susan P
Cozy Fall Items

I was impressed with the amount of detail that went into packaging this box of selfcare items. Upon breaking the sticker seal on the tissue paper, I was pleased to see an array of products. It contained a fluffy/satin pink eye mask, moon magick tea loose leaf blend, pumpkin caramel crunch candle (sooooo yummy smelling), dream weaver lavender sleep spray, a blue/green bath bomb (haunted scent with 4 little white ghosts), a mini origami dragon (!!!!), dream well liquid sleep supplement (in guava flavor and it tasted so yummy), 2 bottles of vanilla essential oil, and some bodyweight exercise cards. Also included was a sheet explaining all items sent. Last night I lit my candle, brewed a cup of tea, and had a nice soak with the bath bomb added. The scent of the candle relaxed me as I soaked in the blue green water and sipped on my floral tea. The oils in the bath bomb refreshed my skin and I left the tub feeling a bit sleepy and my skin felt warm and soft. I added the vanilla essential oil to my diffuser and set it to on and sprayed my pillow and sheets with the lavender spray. Then I drank the guava sleep aid, put on my fuzzy satin sleep mask, and listened to a book on my phone for about 20 minutes before drifting off to sleep. I woke this morning feeling refreshed and alert. Later today I am going to try out the exercise cards.


This is so exciting! I love opening the box and seeing what is inside! At first glance I saw just a hint of a beautiful pink fur. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was the softest eye mask I’ve ever had :)

I realized right away, this was going to be a fun fall themed box! With a haunted bath bomb, a bag of caffeine free Moon Magic’s Tea and a Pumpkin Caramel Crunch candle and so much more, this box was well worth every penny! All the items are of the highest quality in an excellent presentation! This company is so profession and such a pleasure to work with!!!

Kassie Knapp

Love love love!! I'm someone who loves self care but with how busy life gets being a wife and mom, I forget to take care of myself more then I'd like to admit. I love that with the monthly subscription I get something delivered to that I can pamper myself with. The Box comes with so many different things to do. Not only physically, mentally, but also spiritually! I'm a big person on art and design the first box I got came with affirmation cards that we're beautiful without being overpowering. It came with some stress away tea that tasted amazing! When I finally sit down at night I usually end up playing on my phone. The box came with a coloring book and colored pencils. So while sitting down instead of playing on my phone to mentally decompress I colored which was so much better than scrolling on social media! I definitely cannot wait to see what my next box consists of! Especially as someone who has trouble picking things out, I love that there are so many different products to explore and try out. It's definitely going to be a fight with my daughters to keep it all to myself! 🤣


Everything was so well put together including the box. I loved the book and getting products I have wanted to try! Will get again!

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