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Sleep Mask and Spray | MinxNY | Faux Fur Sleep Mask and Lavender Essential Oil Spray | Pink

Unleash the power of peaceful slumber with a Sleep Mask, your key to restful nights. Designed to block out distractions and create a tranquil environment, this essential accessory elevates your self-care journey. Prioritize well-being and indulge in the blissful beauty of a good night's sleep.

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Unveil the perfect self-care accessory with the MinxNY Dreamweaver Eye Mask, now paired with a soothing Lavender Essential Oil Spray. At Green Dragon Boutique, we understand the value of quality sleep and its role in your holistic well-being.

Our Dreamweaver Eye Mask, made from luxurious satin-lined faux Mink, creates a tranquil space that blocks out distractions, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Complementing this experience is our Lavender scented sleep spray. Designed to calm and relax, it enhances your journey into deep and restful slumber.

Prioritize your self-care with the blend of authenticity and nurturing found at Green Dragon Boutique. It's time to embrace the benefits of self-love, and a good night's sleep is just the beginning. Connect with us, and let us make your self-care experience exceptional. Your well-being is our priority.