Supplement | GenovieMD | B12 Vitamin Patch
Supplement | GenovieMD | B12 Vitamin Patch
Supplement | GenovieMD | B12 Vitamin Patch
Supplement | GenovieMD | B12 Vitamin Patch

Supplement | GenovieMD | B12 Vitamin Patch

Experience the targeted benefits of GenovieMD Patches – the B12 patch for sustained energy and the Fit patch for overall wellness. Convenient and effective, these patches offer a simple solution to support your active lifestyle, providing essential nutrients for sustained vitality and well-being.

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We're thrilled to introduce the GenovieMD B12 Vitamin Patch - a perfect addition to your holistic self-care routine!

Immerse yourself in the goodness of Vitamin B12 with our thoughtfully crafted patches. Designed for incredible women like you who navigate the bustling roles of work, family, and personal growth, these patches are the ideal solution to effortlessly boost your well-being.

To embrace the benefits, simply apply 1-2 patches daily onto areas with little to no hair, such as your shoulder, behind the ear, or the back of your neck. Let the patch work its magic! We recommend avoiding creams or lotions on the application area to ensure optimal absorption.

Each patch is a daily dose of self-care, tailored to seamlessly integrate into your busy life. For those demanding days, feel free to use up to 2 patches daily. Please note that each patch is for single-day use only, offering you a convenient and effective wellness boost.

This B12 Vitamin Patch from GenovieMD is created with your well-being in mind. It's a quick and easy way to supplement your self-care routine, and we're committed to transparency and authenticity in providing you with the best products.

Remember, your self-care journey is personal, and we encourage you to prioritize your well-being. However, for external use only, store these patches in a cool, dry place, and discontinue use if any rash or irritation occurs. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, consulting your doctor before using this product or any vitamin is always a good practice.

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